Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 195 - 09/03/2007

Today is Labor Day. It's a day of rest. Unless, that is, you labor in the retail establishment. If so, it's just another day at the office. Of course, with school starting tomorrow for the county kids, it's more like a day before Christmas.

Crowds were everywhere we went, regardless of the store. I took N to Kids World, Target and Wal-Mart to check out bikes (he's so too big for his current bike) and everywhere we went, the places were crowded. I can understand Target and Wal-Mart, but Kids World?!?

(The local bike store was not crowded, but the cheapest bikes in there in his size were about $300. I'm not about to pay that much for something he'll just outgrow in a couple of years.)

What prompted him getting a new bike was the family outing we had in the morning. D and I were going to run the trail while the kids rode their bikes. N kept lagging behind, however, due to him being too big for his bike. Every time he pedaled, he'd hit his knees on the handlebars. To compensate, he'd put his knees to the sides, but that just caused him to go slower. We were finally able to get the run in (with a lot of walking and water breaks as it was soooooo hot -- or at least M felt it was), but had to cut it short. Maybe next time, once N gets his new bike and is able to better keep up.

After our unsuccessful shopping trip, we changed and headed to the pool for the last time this summer. While the weather was great (highs in the upper 80s, low humidity), the water was on the cold side. I guess the cooler nights we've been having the past week or so has caused a lot of the heat in the water to dissipate and the warm days haven't been enough to compensate. Oh well, the summer is now over (from a meteorologic standpoint). It's now (again, from a meteorologic standpoint) Fall and the hot weather of summer is a thing of the past.

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