Sunday, May 6, 2007

Day 73 - 05/04/2007

So with D out of the house, the morning should've gone smoothly and, for the most part, it did. It's not that her being around causes things NOT to go smoothly, but without the two-parent dynamic, the kids are just easier to deal with. (I would imagine this is the same in most households, but I might be wrong.) Anyway, like I said, for the most part they did. We were out of the house a little earlier than normal and there was hardly any fussing or moaning or groaning in trying to get the kids out the door. Actually, it was the opposite: they were pretty pleasant.

Of course, with as smooth as it was going, I knew something had to go wrong sooner or later...and it did: As we're rounding the curve in the parking lot, M asks me what was for hot lunch. I told her I didn't know and then it hit me (and her): She forgot her lunch box. I had asked D to pack their lunches before she left (as I'm pretty useless in that department, although, if pushed, I'm sure I could've gotten it done). I made sure N had his in his backpack and thought M had hers as well.

That's alright, she said, I'll just have cereal for lunch. Huh? And do you plan on getting said cereal? Apparently the school has cereal available for the kids who forget their lunch. Oh well, I guess that's better than hot dogs. (Or is it? I'm not sure what kind of cereal they have on hand, but I would imagine it's not Lucky Charms or other sugar-laden cereal.)

Speaking of sugar-laden cereal, I think it's a travesty that Sugar Bear is out of work...I mean, who better to sell product than Sugar Bear?!? He was cool and had that really smooth and mellow voice. He was the perfect spokesbear for Super Sugar Crisps. (Can you imagine the marketers today trying to sell that name to the higher ups? Uh, nice try, but nyet.)

Anyway, I digress...

After dropping the kids off at school, I headed to work and got stuff done. Since I had to pick N up at James' house at two, I left around noon to hit the gym. I got caught up on the latest Men's Health and found out that, according to a recent study, more fat is burned if you lift before your cardio workout. Whoops, I've been doing it all wrong all these years. (Years?!? Uh, try months, like 18 of them or so.) After the gym, I went and picked N up from James' house, after which we stopped off at the bank. We both got blue lollipops and by the time we got home, we both had blue tongues.

I dialed into work and got some work done via the home office while N played trains in his room. After M got home, they played inside while I cut the grass.

By the time I was done with the yard work, it was about dinner time, so I popped in a pizza and we sat down to eat.

(Bored yet with my exciting day?)

The evening was filled with other fun and exciting events, such as playing on the computer (by the kids), followed by a quick shower, a chapter in Narnia and one song. (I promised them two the next night, since it was getting late and both of them had to be up early on Saturday for baseball.)

Bedtime for the kids was about 815p and once they were in bed I settled in to some playoff hockey. The Sabres beat the Rangers in OT to go ahead 3-2 in the series. I was hoping for a marathon OT session, but instead was treated to about five extra minutes before the winning goal was scored. Oh well, some OT is better than none. Once the game was over, I got sucked into backgammon and the next thing you know, it was 11p and I really had no business being up. Off to bed I went.

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