Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 77 - 05/08/2007

How do you put 15.189 gallons of gas into a 13.9 gallon tank? I understand that the neck contains gas (and is probably not included in the tank measurement), but that's probably only 1/4 gallon max. Is the fuel line configured like your intestines, where it wraps around in all sorts of twists and turns and therefore holds much more than you'd think? Or does the user's manual not tell the true capacity of the tank with the thought that if we knew the true capacity, we'd be more likely to push it and run out of gas? Or is the meter on the gas pump incorrect and I just paid $3.25 per gallon vs. the listed price of $2.99 per gallon?

Me thinks I will be making a phone call (either to the Department of Weights and Measures or Nissan) in order to find out the truth.

And speaking of liquids and gallons and such, how much stain do I need to cover our 400 square foot deck? I've used two gallons thus far and am barely a quarter of the way done. Maybe I should punt with the sprayer and use the roller method instead. Of course, now that I've already started with the sprayer, if I switch to the roller, will there be a visible difference between the two? Arrrrrrrrrgggggggh.

Tonight I did (what I thought was) the unthinkable: I let D read the kids a chapter in Narnia. I've read the entire book to them thus far without any outside help. (I must admit, without reading it to them, I never would've read it myself and am now just as interested in the story as M is -- N I'm not so sure about.) We've had some issues with ants invading our space and tonight was the final straw. They were swarming the space between the side window in the sitting room. Unfortunately, the only way to get between the panes of glass is from the outside (the side windows don't open from the inside). So, I had two choices: Read to the kids and kill the ants or kill the ants and finish the deck. I opted for the second choice, with the caveat that I'd read the chapter that D read to them after they went to bed. D and I ended up watching Lost and the Sopranos instead on Tivo. Whoops. Now I guess I'll have to read it sometime before bedtime on Wednesday.

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