Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day 80 - 05/11/2007

Rode my bike to work and hit the gym upon arrival. I added an ab workout to my routine, but I'm not sure if that's enough. Since starting at the gym back in October '05, I'm positive I've gained muscle mass, especially in my arms and chest, but I still have a ways to go with my abs. (They've been the bane of me since I can remember.) I guess I just need to up the cardio...or accept the fact that I'll always have some extra sumpin' sumpin' around the waist. I'd rather up the cardio.

Getting out there in the morning on Sparky, in the (somewhat) quiet and the cool morning air, gives me a sense of accomplishment, a sense of freedom. The only downfall is having to fight my way across 28. More and more I've decided to give up and hit the sidewalk on that section as there are too many opportunities for things to go wrong. If there's a place where I'm going to get nailed on the commute to work, that's the place. (It's not an issue in the evening as there's not a lot of traffic in that area during the evening rush hour.)

I went to lunch for sushi with a colleague. When we went out for lunch last week neither he nor I had cash (and the restaurant doesn't split checks during lunch), so I covered him. He asked whether I was up for lunch and away we went. As usual, I ate too much, but it was (mostly) all good. I say mostly as there was this one dish that wasn't all that great. We asked the waitress what it was and she told us it was fried tofu in a ginger sauce. Well, I'm pretty much game to try something new and it sounded okay. After eating it, though, I had to change my mind. It tasted somewhat familiar, but I couldn't place it. Finally, after mulling over what it was, I hit it: It tasted like wet wheat bread. I shared this with Matt and he agreed 100%.

M bridged to Juniors; the ceremony was at the Government Center auditorium. It was a nice enough setting, but the acoustics made it hard to hear (even with the sound system). Actually, calling it an auditorium is a mistake, it's basically a seating area in the atrium of the lobby where public (non-govt'l) events can be held. It was a nice ceremony and I'm glad we were all able to make it (vs. when M bridged to Brownies and it was held in the school gym during after school hours). Unfortunately, the lighting conditions weren't very good due to the giant wall of windows behind the atrium, which messed with the camera, so we weren't able to get great pictures.

That's pretty much the one thing I've yet to figure out with our camera is how to take good action shots in low light so the subject doesn't come out blurry without the use of the flash. Or maybe that's just not possible.

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