Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 83 - 05/14/2007

Happy Anniversary, D; I Love You! It's been 13 years since we exchanged our vows and my love for you only grows stronger as the years pass.

We celebrated by going out for a nice romantic dinner at Sweetwater Tavern...with the kids. Actually, it was D's decision. Since M was supposed to have practice, we weren't really going to do much other than have our NuptuAle and dance and call it a night. I'm glad she took charge and made the call. (Next time, remind me to ask for a go-box immediately so I don't over eat. While the pork chops were good, there was too much of them. I could've gone with just one and saved the other for lunch the next day or something.)

After dinner, we got the kids to bed and popped open a NuptuAle (I brewed this as our wedding favor back when I had the time to brew my own beer). Every year on our anniversary we've had one as part of our anniversary ritual (the other part is dancing to our song -- Can't Help Falling in Love With You by Elvis). Surprisingly enough, the beer hasn't gone bad on us (we joke that once it does, our marriage is doomed). After the one we had tonight, we still have 8 left from our wedding day. We've talked about having one each year until they're gone or having one every five years (starting in 2009). If we went that route, we'd enjoy the last one on our 45th wedding anniversary. Wouldn't that be something if it still held its flavor after all these years. (I think storing it in the basement since it was brewed has helped it survive.)

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