Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 96 - 05/27/2007

Since I wasn't able to get in a run yesterday (no, the six mile hike didn't count, although one would think it would have, right? Wrong.), I got up early (well, earlier than D did) and went out for a run. I duplicated the route from last Wednesday when my Forerunner ran out of juice. It turns out that route is just a hair under four miles and took about 40 minutes to complete. (For the record, I walked the first and last 4/10 of a mile in just about 10 minutes.) It was getting pretty humid, so I ended up taking it slower than I had hoped.

After getting back, I took advantage of being sweaty and did some light yard work. This constituted putting the planter boxes back on the rails of the deck and trimmed one of the bushes so that one of the hanging baskets could be seen. Trivial, yes, but it's something I did so I figure I'd add it.

Afterwards, I cleaned up and D and I headed to Mass at 1230p. After Mass, we came home, grabbed a quick bite to eat and went out rose shopping. We ended up getting two White Eden rose bushes to plant on either side of the front door. We also got two trellises to train the roses against, but after putting them in the ground, we found we needed something at least 8' in height (vs. 6' that we got) so that they stand out against the house. At the same time we planted the roses, I transplanted the lilies to an empty space near the driveway. I was just able to finish this when it started raining.

I showered (again) and we enjoyed a (somewhat) light dinner of cheese and crackers, apples, nuts and fruit salad (as well as a green salad for me). After last night's gorging at dinner, neither one of us were all that hungry. After dinner, we started watching Lawrence of Arabia. I had seen it before, but D hadn't. I've been wanting to watch it again and suggested it to her. It won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1962 (as well as some others) and, while it was a good movie (from a cinematic viewpoint), I don't think it was a great movie from a storytelling viewpoint. It did very little to explain to us who Lawrence was or why he loved the desert enough to "go native" (as it were). Only after seeking out more on Lawrence on the web was I able to get a better understanding of who this person was. That being said, had we been watching the movie in 1962, the viewing audience probably had a better idea of who he was and what he accomplished than the viewer does some 40+ years later. Had the movie been released today, unless they cut some of the cinematography and replaced them with actual background on the character, the audience would be left scratching their heads.

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