Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 99 - 05/30/2007

Woke up at 513a to get ready to go fishing on the Bay w/ Larry, Lenny and Jack. This is probably the 10th or so time we've gone out and we've never caught anything (other than a crab on the line here and there). Sure enough, today was no different. (Actually, we didn't even catch a crab in the pots we threw out on the way out of the marina.) We were out about 6 hours and had nary a bite. Larry did catch a jellyfish, but that really didn't count as that's like catching seaweed. On the way back in, we saw a dozen or so skates just below the surface. Unfortunately, all the gear had already been put away, otherwise we'd have tried to catch them.

I got home about 330p and checked in with work. I was able to finish up everything that had accumulated over the course of the day with regards to e-mails and development items. After finishing work, I showered, ate dinner (D and the kids had already eaten) and, when D and N got back from running their errands, N and I went out for a bike ride.

During our ride, we passed by a couple of azalea bushes that were left for the garbage men. Seeing as we've got some empty space in the backyard along the deck that needs some filling in, I made a mental note of their location in anticipation of picking them up later. After the kids were in bed (and darkness had set in, as I didn't want to be seen picking through other peeps' trash), I went out and picked them up. $60 saved! Now all I have to do is plant them. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done Thursday (probably not due to N's t-ball game) or Friday. Nothing like good roadkill! (No, not that kind of roadkill. My kind of roadkill is when you find something useful on the side of the road and take it home with you.)

I then settled in for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup. It was a pretty good game, with both teams getting a flurry of scoring chances. Overall I think the Ducks played better (especially when killing the power play), but when I turned it off after the second period, it was still scoreless. Normally I'd stay up and watch the entire game, bedtime be damned, but since I was up before the crack of dawn and had a long day in the sun, I was pretty beat. I hit the sack and was asleep in no time.

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