Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 97 - 05/28/2007

Prior to heading down to Fredericksburg to pick up the kids, we swung by Merrifield to take another look at their trellises. We didn't see any we liked, so we went back to Betty's for another look at theirs and ended up buying a couple more (I'll have to return the ones in the garage to Lowe's at some point as we won't be using them anymore.) They're pretty tall, so we had to take them back home before finally getting back on the road to Fred.

On the way back, we stopped by Springfield to have a quick visit with my mom and Rudy. They were having a party for him, but we had other plans so our visit was a quick one. After getting home, M and I went to the pool for a while, while D and N stayed home. N was pretty much fried after the weekend and going to the pool probably wasn't the best thing for him to be doing.

For dinner we had the traditional Memorial Day fare of pizza. Yes, I realize we're supposed to have burgers and dogs and potato salad and pasta salad and fruit salad and chips and dip and whatnot, but I was at the pool and D just didn't feel like heading back to the store. I don't blame her one bit. Whenever we head down to Fred and back again the same day, the last thing I want to be doing is sitting in the car again. Add to that the fact that (more than likely) the stock at the store was probably low due to the holiday and there's even more of a reason to exercise your digits and order pizza. After dinner the kids got washed up and I read them a chapter from Narnia. I wanted to get them to bed at a somewhat decent hour, what with them being up late over the weekend (M until midnight on Sunday!), so I only read them one chapter.

After getting them to bed, D and I settled into the couch to finish watching Lawrence of Arabia. Her outlook of it didn't change between the first three hours and the last hour.

Finally, with the movie over, I tuned in to Vs. to catch game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. It was such a long break between the conference finals and the Stanley Cup that I thought I had missed the first game. Fortunately I didn't. I used the power of Tivo to flip between the game and The Sopranos (since we don't get HBO, I'm watching from the beginning on A&E). Finally, around 1130p, I called it quits and hit the sack. I should have hit the sack sooner, but I just didn't want the weekend to end.

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