Monday, May 14, 2007

Day 82 - 05/13/2007

Since it's Mother's Day today, we let D sleep in. Since we've been doing breakfast in bed in the years past, I suggested to the kids we do something different and have a pancake breakfast. They were thrilled with the idea and, when D finally woke up around 930a, we made pancakes for breakfast. Except for N, he wanted frozen pancakes instead, but had to settle for frozen waffles. (I really don't see how they can enjoy them frozen; I don't think I could.)

After breakfast, we took our time getting ready for Mass and ended up going at 1230p. Afterwards, we went back to the garden center for more begonias (to replace the pink ones in the planters) and headed home for lunch. (We never did get the begonias in the pots; I need to get that done soon.)

After lunch, the kids and I rode our bikes up to Giant for the rest of what we needed for dinner. D had bought salmon for dinner in case her folks came up, so I was going to cook that (with the hibachi grill sauce). We had some baby carrots leftover from last week, so all I needed to do was get some orzo and feta cheese for a side dish.

This is only the second time the three of us have ridden to the store. The first time was last summer when N still had his training wheels and it took us much longer. Now that he's on two wheels, we got there in about 20 minutes. We went via the trail over to Greenbriar and then up Majestic Lane. The kids stayed on the sidewalk for the most part, so traffic wasn't that much of a concern. (To tell the truth, I was more concerned about them in the parking lot than I was on the road, so I had them walk their bikes on the sidewalk vs. riding them.) We went back via some of the lesser traveled streets in Greenbriar, making our way over to Poplar Tree and then to Stringfellow. M wanted to ride back this way to take advantage of the long down hill (which we avoided on the way to Giant by going on the trail). Both of them enjoyed the ride and when we got home, I started making dinner.

Dinner was a hit (M even commented that she thought the orzo was good), although D requested that next year we go out to eat. I don't blame her as it was a little late (we didn't eat until about 6p). After dinner, the kids got ready for bed, I read a chapter in Narnia and put them to bed.

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