Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 93 - 05/24/2007

I got home from work just in time to turn around and head out to N's game. We loaded into the car and fought traffic to get there by 545p. Unfortunately, traffic fought back and we didn't get there until just before 6p (when the game was supposed to have started). No one was there. Not a single Marlin could be found. Uh-oh, wrong field. I called Mike to find out where the game was (Poplar Tree Park?) and to let him know we'd be late.

"We don't have a game tonight."

"We don't?"

"No. Or do we?" This time Mike wasn't so sure in his response. He checked his schedule and, sure enough, he was right. No game, just practice.

I took D and the kids home for N to change, turned around and headed back to Oak Hill for practice. This time D stayed at home for some quiet time while the kids and I were out of the house. (As it turned out, we had been looking at the wrong week. The game's on Thursday start next week.) We made it back to practice just as warmups were ended and had a good practice. After practice, we headed home, where the kids got ready for bed.

Since the kids are heading to Fredericksburg tomorrow and wouldn't get any Narnia for the next few days, I went ahead read them a chapter, even though it was pretty late by the time they finished getting ready for bed. They wanted to get two chapters, but since they had two last night (and it was getting late at this point), I declined.

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