Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day 98 - 05/29/2007

I dragged into work after the long weekend. Definitely didn't want to be there (do I ever?), but today I'd much rather have been in bed. Not much going on in-between the cycles. I've got a few issues I need to wrap up, but nothing pressing. Of course, right as I was about to leave, I got a message from a customer that they were encountering errors when conducting an upgrade. I was able to quickly provide a suggested solution to identify the problem (or at least allow them to continue the upgrade) and was able to leave with a clear conscious (knowing I'd be out on Wednesday). We'll see what happens when I return on Thursday.

I picked N up from school so D could get her massage. I had gotten her a gift certificate for her a few years ago and she never took advantage of it until now. We headed home and ate lunch together: I had a ham and cheese bagel (everything...yum!) with fruit salad and he had (what else?) a peanut butter bagel. After lunch we plopped ourselves down on the couch and watched Planet Earth (Caves) on Tivo. He had started watching it previously and I'd heard good things about it (well, about some of it, the part about the bat guano and the roaches wasn't all that exciting, especially right after lunch).

After work, I stopped by Total Wine for beverages for the fishing trip. Since this was supposed to have been Larry's "birthday" trip, I picked up some Young's Double Chocolate Stout. I'm pretty sure he'll enjoy them (and if he doesn't, I'm sure I will!). I also picked up some other items for the trip and when I went to check out, the clerk didn't charge me for the Amstel Light; thanks, dude!

On the mundane front, I was in bed about 920p and probably out by 940p in order to get a fair amount of sleep before having to wakeup at 515a for fishing on Wednesday.

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