Saturday, March 3, 2007

Day 11 - 03/03/2007

Well, N's birthday went off without a hitch...sort of. He came down with a fever during the party and once the bowling was over, he wasn't himself. No pizza. No cake. He didn't even blow out his candle. When it was all said and done, he probably won't remember much of it anyway, but still, it would've been nice if he could've enjoyed the day in the here and now.

Since he's feeling a bit under the weather, we decided to have a low-key night and M, N and I went out to pick up a movie while D stayed home and relaxed amidst the post-birthday mess. We picked up the remake of "The Shaggy Dog" and then some Baja Fresh for dinner (love their fish tacos!). M decided after she had two bites of her chicken taco and a few chips that she was full and that it was now time for the movie, complete w/ popcorn. One thing led to another and the next thing we know, she's pitching holy hell in the family room and gets sent to her room, all the while ranting and raving about what she thinks of her parents. About two minutes later the reality of what she just did hits her and a voice came from her bedroom asking, very timidly, if we could come up and talk with her.

Not so fast, young lady.

About 15 minutes of her stewing in her room, we invite her back down and have a lengthy discussion about her behavior. We'll see where this lands us. She lost accessing Webkinz for the next week and if her behavior doesn't improve by next weekend (e.g., if she has another outburst), it's for the rest of the month. Ouch.

On a completely unrelated subject, I'm having issues w/ connecting to my websites via FrontPage. Not sure why. All of a sudden it just stopped working. I'm somewhat confused as the last time I tried to connect there were no issues and nothing's been done to change the configuration. I'm about to troubleshoot the situation and (hopefully) resolve the issue. I discovered that when I last updated my primary site, I inadvertently introduced a style-sheet error where the header isn't displayed on some of the pages. Whoops.

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