Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 24 - 03/16/2007

The spring like weather left us last night and we woke up to rain, which turned to freezing rain, sleet and then snow throughout the day. So much for a warm weekend. Since I went in early (which I'm wont to do on Fridays), I left around 4p to go to the gym. For some reason they were closed. No advanced notice or note on the door, so who knows what's going on. Since I didn't get my workout in on Tuesday, I was sort of bummed, but at least I'll shoot for a run tomorrow (weather permitting).

I came home from work (in the freezing rain/sleet) and played Life instead. Before sitting down to play, I hit the basement and got a start at the weekend organization. I moved some Christmas decorations into a portico under the front hallway and rearranged some other stuff. Spying the cases of beer in the corner, I grabbed two bottles of homebrew and put them in the fridge for later on.

We played Life and D was tech support. We've decided that whoever is tech support will win, since they get $50k whenever someone skews the spinner, which happens quite often. Sure enough, she won. M and I didn't even bother going to Millionaire Estates as we both knew we didn't have anywhere near enough money to challenge her. Oh well, maybe next time.

Fast forward to after the kids are in bed and I decide to call my mom to help fix her printing issues. We (somehow) resolved those rather quickly and the conversation turned to clutter and the emotional duress it puts you under. The conversation was actually pleasant so I didn't push too hard on what she needs to do with the basement. After our conversation, I opened on of the beers that was chilling from earlier. Not so good -- down the drain it went. I opened the second one and found it to be just a little better. However, a little better than "tastes like crap" isn't too mouth-watering so I poured that one down the drain as well. I went out in the garage and was about to grab the Smithwick's Ale when I spied a beer Uncle Jim brewed for Aunt Ann for her retirement. Seeing as it's only been a few years, I figured that wouldn't be bad, so I brought that in and opened it up. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Very, very nice!

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