Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 25 - 03/17/2007

The St. Tim's fun fair was cancelled due to icy conditions in the parking lot. Instead, we went to the Poplar Tree fun fair. It turned out to be fine as M and N had just as much fun and we only stayed for an hour or so before heading back home (in the wind chilled air) to meet Doug, Nancy and Michael. (The kids were spending the night down there so D and I could go to Donna's party and not worry about the repercussions the next day.)

After we got home (and before D's folks got here), I went for a run. Five minute walk (~1/3 mile) followed by about four minutes of running (~2/3 mile). Repeat. My knee felt pretty good, but after I got home, I whacked it against a cabinet knob and that was all it needed. Hopefully it'll subside over the day so it's not bothersome during the party. I imagine there will be lots of craziness all around.

The party was a blast. Dancing, live music, pool, Foosball, food, beverages, incriminating pictures, jokes on the deck, party-goers taking off their clothes (well, an underskirt, but...). What more could you want? I wonder how Donna and Charlie felt the next day? Neither one were feeling any pain during the party, that's for sure!

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