Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 23 - 03/15/2007

Had rehab again. Started out great, but left with discomfort. I made the mistake of telling Tia I was nearing the end, but of course overdid it and was left wondering whether I am done. That begin said, as the day went on, the discomfort subsided and, after I did my evening stretches, went away entirely. Good. Next Tuesday may be the last session (I also have one scheduled for next Thursday). We'll see how I do on my run this weekend before I know for sure.

In keeping with our intention of spending less money, I altered our car insurance to remove the comprehensive collision insurance on the Altima. It's coming up on 10 years old, so I would imagine that any serious type of damage that it might sustain in a wreck (where I was at fault) would far exceed the cost of the car and it would be considered totaled. By doing this, we were able to save $360 per year ($30/month). Add that to the $10 per month (estimated) we'll be saving from getting the employee discount w/ Verizon Wireless and we've already lopped off $40 in monthly expenses. Hooray! Next up on the list of things to change is satellite...egads -- did I just say that out loud?!? ~LOL~

We had some yummy pork chops for dinner. Pork chops and appleshawsh is actually what we had (but only if said like Peter Brady in that one Brady Bunch episode). And once one of us says it this way, the entire house breaks out in our best imitations. It's quite funny, especially to hear M & N do their version of it.

I was hoping the Office would be on after a few weeks off the air, but it wasn't. They're still running repeats, so we watched a couple of Rick Steves' Europe shows. Why is it that they're only aired during membership drives? I can always tell we're in the middle of fundraising season by what's airing (e.g., Charlie Pond, Suze Orman, Rick Steves or music from years ago). Thank goodness for Tivo.

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