Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 34 - 03/26/2007

M had her second softball practice today. She looks like she's going to have a lot of fun this year -- not that she didn't last year, but she appears more confident in her ability. We gave Abby a ride home and saw two deer behind the house next to the pool. Mundane? Monday?

My ear's acting up again. I started on the alcohol treatment and can't wait for it to clear up. When it gets this bad, if I plug my left ear the environment is muffled. It works great when going to bed and D still wants to watch TV, but not so great when I actually want to participate in conversations. Hopefully it'll clear up in the next few days. I'm having a hard time stopping myself from digging around with a Q-Tip, trying to dig out whatever is lodged in there.

I decided to tag not only the day of the entry with the number, but also the date. This will make reading them a little easier in terms of figuring out which day is which.

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