Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 31 - 03/23/2007

M started softball today and I was pretty impressed with her enthusiasm. It's much better than it was last year (her first year playing). I'm not sure if it's because she's a year older or knows how to play, but it was nice to see. She threw and caught the ball as if she'd been practicing all year long (which she hasn't), although her batting skills still need some practice (which didn't surprise me at all).

After practice we (M, N and I) went to Sarah's play. Her class put on "Where the Wild Things Are" -- well, at least their version of it. It lasted all of 15 minutes (if that). She was Pippi Longstocking and had quite the moves when they danced around the stage. The next play was "The Case of the Missing Ring," which was a spoof on all-things mysterious -- movies, plays and even board games. Most of the cast did a pretty good job, although there were a few that showed their age. My favorite part of the show as when the sheriff (a bumbling, country bumpkin) and his dog were approached by a detective who asked if the sheriff's dog bite. Of course the sheriff answered no and the detective was promptly bitten. Of course, the dog the sheriff was walking wasn't his dog. I think I laughed the loudest in the entire theatre. I really should rent the Pink Panther movies. Peter Sellers was classic in them. The final play was a take on the first day of school for a group of seventh graders. It was well done, but - in some cases - appeared to be over the top. Most of the cast tried their best, though, so from that angle it was enjoyable. We left before the fourth play was performed. It was late and I knew we had a 35-40 minute ride ahead of us to make it home. (I was able to make it there in just about 30 minutes, but I wasn't planning on speeding as much as I did on the way there -- much to my surprise.)

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