Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day 36 - 03/28/2007

Did the usual mundane things at work (babysat the migration), followed by a quick trip to the grocery store for some ibuprofen for M. She's still running a fever and the Tylenol just doesn't do the trick. D told me we were out of ice cream, so I ventured down the frozen wasteland and, lo and behold, Breyer's was on sale ($1.99 per container). Since we were all out (and we typically have 3-4 kinds at home), I tossed four in the basket and made my way to the registers to check out. However, upon returning home, I found out that there wasn't that much space in the freezer, so I had to make adjustments. I've already taken out the ice bin in the garage fridge, the next step will be taking out the ice maker as well!

Since M still wasn't feeling all that hot (the doc said it was probably viral), D made N his standard fare for dinner: chicken nuggets, french fries and ketchup (yes, he considers ketchup a side dish vs. a condiment). Since that was the case, I hit the trail for a quick run. 2+ miles later I was back with a little pain in the knee (but nothing an ice pack couldn't contain). I walked the first 0.20 miles and then ran the rest of the mile (did that twice) and then after the second mile, just walked the rest of the way home. Even including the walking, both miles were right about 10 minute miles. I was especially surprised w/ the second one as I walked/ran that in about 9:30. I really need to slow it down; I'm going way too fast.

I had promised my mom I'd go over and help her w/ her computer, which wasn't set up properly when they installed FIOS (she recently upgraded to FIOS to get rid of the telephone line going across the family room floor). To hear her tell it, she was going to have to buy a new computer because her old one couldn't run the Internet (or so she was told by three different technicians). As it turned out, all that was necessary was to plug the network cable into the router (it had been plugged into the DSL modem). Ten minutes after arriving, I could've packed it in and headed back home, but no, I had also recommended an external drive for backup purposes. Installing this *should* have been straightforward as it's a USB plug and play device. Plug it in and it should work, right? Wrong. 90 minutes later I'm still struggling with it and finally tossed in the towel. I now have this hanging over me to install and configure since I was the one who recommended it. Hooray for me! Not.

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