Friday, March 23, 2007

Day 30 - 03/22/2007

Pain free. All day. And that's that with that.

Picked N up from school yesterday as D went down to visit Philip in the hospital. As usual, he wouldn't talk about what happened during the school day and his teacher said there was no news -- good or bad. (Although she did say that he'll be great in kindergarten.)

Stopped by Boston Market for dinner for both the Ericksons and ourselves. D didn't partake as she was heading to Maria's for dinner. N was served macaroni and cheese, a couple of green beans and a chunk of chicken. Neither the green beans nor the chicken were touched. I didn't give in though, even after he balked at eating the mac-n-cheese (it had dirt on it or something). Oh well, if you don't eat what you're served, you can always have breakfast in the morning!

A call came from Attorney General Kilgore after I put the kids to bed. They were having a town hall style conference call to discuss some of the topics of interest to Virginia residents. I listened for about 10 minutes to a couple of the answers, but when the topic turned towards what he was going to do for seniors, I hung up. The first question had to do with immigration. As I figured, he said it was a federal issue and (by law) he was unable to do much about it. The second had to do with money for transportation. He indicated he would try to speak with Gov. Kaine regarding doing the right thing (e.g., taking out of the general fund that's been growing over the years due to budget surpluses...or so he says). This follows on to a call from Sen. Cuccinelli asking for my support come election time. I hope that what Mike (the guy from Cuccinelli's office) said turns out to be accurate in that the rest of the state will feel the heat once redistricting takes place and NoVA/Hampton Roads become the majority in the General Assembly. I'm tired of paying money downstate to see no services and/or money returned for local expenditures.

As for mundane things, I ate leftovers for lunch (in the form of a taco salad) after picking N up from school, I watched The Last Days that I had Tivo'd a few nights earlier (about 7 possible ways humanity will become extinct) and some of The Sopranos (again, Tivo'd). Then D came home and we went to bed (where I quickly lapsed into a good night's sleep).

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