Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 19 - 03/11/2007

Ran with N down to the pond. Well, not all the way and he rode his bike. I felt pretty good yesterday after Friday's ski outing and felt I could test it better by hitting the trail today. I walked about 0.5 mile and then ran about the same. The first part felt pretty darn good. (I actually ran 0.25 yesterday as well, but that was to help N get home when he scratched his hand on the stick.) I then walked a bit, helping N get through some of the tougher parts of the trail where there were puddles. (Should he ever decide to remove his training wheels, he could go through them by himself!)

We finally got to the pond and did a slow lap around it. N wanted to get in the creek, but actually listened to me. We finally made it back to his bike and started heading back home. On the way we came across a side trail that he decided he wanted to investigate. He started riding up the hill and I ran alongside him. Not good. Apparently running up hill is more aggrevating than running on a somewhat level surface. Halfway up I decided to walk the rest of the way and ended up walking about 0.75 miles before I started up again.

Overall, I felt pretty good. Later on I got on the bike for a quick ride over to the pool with M and N and the Craig girls. The knee still felt good, so maybe I'm finally on the road to recovery. The true test, however, won't be until tomorrow, so maybe I shouldn't be posting this. We'll see.

The painter starts tomorrow on the basement. While I don't like the idea of paying someone what I could do in a week, I also don't relish the fact that it would take me a week to paint the basement. Not that it would be that difficult, it's just all the trim work. I'd be sore for quite some time. Oh well, at least it'll be done and then there'll only be three rooms left in the house to paint (which I should be able to tackle over the course of the next few months). Suprisingly enough, both D and I picked out the same color from the samples that I put up! Hooray!

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