Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 285 - 12/02/2007

I paid for staying up so late last night, but at least I got to sleep in until 845a. I told N that if he didn't sleep in, we'd go to Mass immediately. That must've done the trick. Either that or he was worn out from yesterday's trip.

Regardless of being able to sleep in, I was still tired. That being said, I went outside to take care of the leaves that had amassed over the past week and a half. Fortunately I was able to get them up before it started raining too heavily (actually, the rain held off until later on this afternoon, so I was in the clear). I was hoping the leaves on the pear trees would have dropped while we were gone, but that wasn't in the cards. It looks like I'll have one more chore to do with regards to raking leaves before winter sets in. I really need to get rid of both of them, I don't think either of them do much in the way of providing shade and/or privacy during the summertime and they only prolong the leaf raking season as they're always the last to drop their leaves.

After the leaves were raked, I washed up and plopped myself on the couch to watch what I thought would be a Redskins victory. After Sean Taylor's death, I figured the 'Skins would be fired up and not let anything get in the way of a victory. Well, they were fired up alright, but the flame went out midway through the third quarter and, yet again, they failed to put away the game.

In between being disgusted at the game, I brought the tree up and set it up so the kids could decorate it. We got a pre-lit tree last year after Christmas and the difference in the time it took to set up was incredible. With the old tree, it took about 30 minutes to put the tree up and then about 3 hours to get the lights on. With this one, it took less than 15 minutes for everything! Three hours later the tree was decorated and we were heading out the door to Mass!

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