Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 299 - 12/16/2007

N is still sick. He was up again at the wee hours of the morning and fell asleep on our floor again. For the most part, he and I hung out on the couch watching football. D took M to a Girl Scout event the better part of the afternoon, so I was left alone to take care of N. If that meant sitting on the couch watching football with him all afternoon, so be it.

Before all that, though, I started dinner...about 830a. The last time we made a pot roast, it wasn't fork tender (even after 2.5 hours in the oven) and I made a mental note that the next time we made it, it would be in the crock pot. The only problem was that I didn't have a recipe so I had to go blind with this one. It turned out alright, but there was something tangy missing, something to cut the initial flavor provided by the wine (I used a cup of Merlot vs. 1/2 cup of sherry). While searching for recipes, I came across one for sauerbraten. It's a German pot roast dish that is delicious. The next time I make a pot roast, it'll be sauerbraten.

It all went South after dinner. N still wasn't feeling all that well and the next thing you know, neither were D or I. Since it hit both of us right after dinner, I thought it was my pot roast (which was good, just not as good as I'd hoped), but D told me she wasn't feeling that well before dinner either. We both grazed the buffet line at bowling last night (it was the Christmas party where everyone brings a dish) and probably picked something up there. Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing, we have a lot of family events this week and I'd hate it if we missed out.

By the time the 'Skins game was on, I was feeling well enough to sit on the couch and watch it (although I was on the tired side of things). N joined me for a little bit before I sent him off to bed. After watching the game for a bit more, D yelled out from upstairs. She tweaked her knee again. Hopefully it won't be a major setback, but I guess only time will tell. With all that was going on (none of us feeling all that good), I decided it was best if I just went to bed in case I had to get up in the middle of the night. (As it turned out, it wasn't necessary.)

On a fantasy football related note, I won the Tournament of Losers (although I have a player going tomorrow night) when I pulled ahead going into the 'Skins game. I ended the night up 88-80 and have the title all but locked up.

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