Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 297 - 12/14/2007

D subbed again today, so the kids wanted to ride with her to school. This time they were ready when she had to leave and they left on time. If I had known, I would've stayed in bed; I could get used to sleeping in if I had to; I wouldn't mind. I ended up making it to work in plenty of time for my 9a meeting.

I left early this afternoon to do yard work. There's supposed to be an ice storm this weekend and I'd rather have the lawn clean vs. chock full of leaves. Fortunately most of the trees are bare, with the exception of a few stragglers on the Bradford pear trees in our back yard and weeping willow in our neighbor's yard. I finished up right on time (e.g., as it was getting dark) and went inside for dinner. Actually, dinner wasn't much of anything as neither D nor I felt like doing anything. I made the kids some chow and surprised them with Robin Hood, which came by way of the big brown truck this afternoon. (If I had been thinking, I would've gone ahead and ordered James and the Giant Peach as well since it's a pretty quick read and I would imagine I'll be done before the end of the year.)

I ordered both the Disney version and the 1938 version (which is the one we watched). There were a couple of scenes I would've cut out, but for the most part, it was pretty tame (especially compared with what would be seen today). After the movie was over, the kids were sent to bed and D and I did the same.

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