Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 292 - 12/09/2007

We rallied and made 1045a Mass. I say we rallied as D and I didn't get up until about 930a. I was quite surprised, but then remembered that M and N had a "sleepover" last night and they probably woke each other up to go watch TV in the basement. It turns out I was right.

After church we headed over to the hospital to visit with Rudy. He had some more pain after everyone left Friday night and was moved back into the original heart care unit. Actually, he's back in the same room as he was last month. When we arrived he was in a chair finishing up his lunch, which I guess was a good thing (e.g., being out of bed), but he soon got back in bed and went to sleep. The morphine leaves him feeling groggy, which causes him to sleep the day away, only to be left awake at night. The kids gave him their cards and M gave mom a plate of cookies she baked in her E-Z-Bake oven (it finally came and M lost no time in putting it to work), as well as some of her leftover Halloween candy.

We headed over to the dollar store in Springfield after our visit with Rudy. After getting something for pretty much everyone on each of their lists, I was pleasantly surprised to see the total. I thought for sure it would equal or exceed the tally at the other store, but it was more than ⅓ less!

After getting home, I went out for a run while the kids watched some TV and D made dinner. I hadn't been out for a while and it felt good to be out in the cold air. (Actually, it didn't feel that cold due to the humidity levels.) It wasn't only the cold air that felt good, my knees felt good as well. I wouldn't say they're completely healed, but they feel better than they did six months ago (or even three months ago). I don't know how long it will be before I'm running 3-4x/week, but I'm not going to worry about it: I'll get there when I get there.

I did the 5k route through the neighborhood since it was dark and I didn't feel like traversing the trail. I was thinking about extending it to run by some of the houses that are lit up, but bagged it. I'm glad I did, as right when I got home D and the kids were sitting down for dinner. I joined them right away, quickly replenishing whatever was lost on the run.

During dinner N had agreed to eat a tomato in exchange for a piece of chocolate. When the time came for him to eat it, he wouldn't budge. After some hemming and hawing, he finally agreed to a spoonful of tomato soup, which, much to our amazement and his surprise, he enjoyed. I guess we can now add that to his food repertoire. If only he would try new things more often, he'd find out that there's lots of stuff that he'd like.

After putting the kids to bed, D and I lounged on the couch, reading the guts and watching the Colts dismantle the Ravens. I was glad to see the score when I turned on the game towards the end of the first quarter with the Colts leading 21-0. Surely Peyton had one of those TDs. As it turned out, he had two, meaning I might stand a chance of winning the game. I mismanaged three of my starters and ended up leaving valuable points on the bench. Going into tonight's game, I was 21 down. With only Peyton to play, I stood a chance and after he put up 36 points, I still stand a chance of winning. My opponent has one player in Monday's game. Hopefully the Saints will stop him and I'll continue on in the quest for Toilet Bowl champion and the Golden Toilet Brush!

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