Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day 287 - 12/04/2007

Here's a list of mundane things I did today:
  • Got new tires on the Altima.
  • Went shopping at Costco. I ended up getting the advent calendar I had my eye on for $20 vs. the original price of $39. I guess hemming and hawing pays off (in this case, I made $20!).
  • Added the Win98 workstation to the network so I can access whatever is on it and cannibalize any parts off it (if possible).
  • Had minestrone soup for lunch.
  • Brought the large bin up from the basement and then, after it had been emptied, brought it back down.
  • Started getting caught up with the Sopranos on A&E.
  • Practiced guitar a little (I canceled my lesson as I wasn't able to practice anything since last time).

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