Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 294 - 12/11/2007

I visited Rudy again in the hospital and once again, he changed rooms. This time it was right next door, so it wasn't much of a problem. The room he was originally in has negative pressure and is used to house patients who are infectious.

After switching rooms, I was able to get in a good conversation with mom about all that was going on. I'm sure it's been rough on her and will continue to be so. One thing that will really impact her is the empty house. Sure, the cats will be there, but they don't provide the company that a person does.

After the hospital, I went over to Brion's Grille in University Mall for a couple of beers with Larry. I hadn't seen him in couple of months and it was good to catch each either up on our respective lives. I don't recall Brion's that much from back in the day, but maybe it's because I never really went there. Between work and school obligations, there wasn't much time go bar-hopping, nor was there the desire.

I got home late and was surprised to see D still up working on our Christmas cards. We played around with them for a while before calling it quits for the night. Maybe tomorrow night.

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