Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 320 - 01/06/2008

While the kids watched a show in the basement, I used the quiet time to continue my quest to file the papers from last night. I used the kitchen table to separate the items into piles and then file them in their appropriate folders. There's still a stack that I need to sort again (I ran out of room, even with using two chairs and two bar stools), but for the most part, the pile is gone. Over the course of the morning I shredded paper in spurts so as not to overheat and kill the shredder (which I've done once before). I didn't get all the shredding done until after dinner, though, and after it was all said and done, filled up two garbage bags with shredded paper. I was quite impressed!

After procrastinating the better part of the morning, we finally made it to Mass at 1230p. Father Tony gave an extended homily and asked us for money for him to take back to India with him where $1 buys one person food for a day. After Communion, it appeared we were about to finish up when he invited a seminarian from Philadelphia to speak about vocations. You should have seen the collective groaning that went on throughout the congregation. We ended up leaving church about 145p, which wasn't so bad, but M and I needed to be at a friend's birthday party at 215p and we were cutting it short.

On our way home, Lori called and said she was at our house. D offered to watch Connor during the party but never heard back (Lori called while we were at church), so was surprised about the call. Not to worry, though, as we were just a minute or so from home. They dropped Connor off and left for the party; M and I weren't far behind.

Caroline's party was at ShadowLand by the Expo Center in Chantilly. It's a laser tag facility that hosts lots of kids parties. I had never been, but had a blast at paint ball, so I figured I'd enjoy this as well; I was right. (Chris had invited some dad's to attend and play along with the girls.) As it turned out, I came in first in the first game and third in the second game. Most of the kids were gunning for me in the second game which made it hard for me to be active and get any points. All in all it was a great time and fun was had by all.

Upon arriving at home, I immediately sat down and started watching the late playoff game (Chargers vs. Titans). After a few minutes relaxing, we started taking down Christmas decorations and a few hours later were done. Everything was put away until next year. We must've either gotten rid of a lot of stuff (not!) or D must've just packed more efficiently as we had an extra storage bin leftover after everything was put away. I made use of it with a garland and some lights, though, so it won't be sitting empty over the course of the next year.

While getting the kids ready for bed, N lost his first tooth. It's been on the verge of coming out for a week or so now and D finally got it out tonight. There was a mad scramble to find the tooth container for the tooth fairy (M has a little cylinder designed to hold the tooth until the tooth fairy can retrieve it), but we were able to find it before N went to bed. He handled it much better than M ever did, but I guess boys and girls are just different in that regard.

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