Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 330 - 01/16/2008

Another day at the gym and another day avoiding the afternoon whack-job. I went during lunch today and found out I came in first place in the Holiday Meltdown contest. I'll get my prize on Tuesday. (Actually, I tied for first with two other people; one person came in second.) I'm not sure how that was determined -- whether it was based on reaching the goal, exceeding the goal, working out the requisite number of times, etc. -- but I'll take the prize none-the-less. I'm hoping it's a fleece that they've been selling. I could use another one to give my black one a rest every once in a while.

I had a talk with M about setting goals and how to successfully reach them. She's been upset lately about some things I won't share, but she seemed to grasp the reaching for a goal concept. She even made a goal and associated it with a deadline, which is a must if you want to successfully reach your goal. That being said, the one thing I didn't tell her about were milestones. I'll have to be sure to do so as setting a goal makes no sense if you don't have intermediate goals to use as a measure of success. I mean, if you can't tell whether you're reaching your goal, how can you tell whether you need to alter your plan?

This took longer than I had expected and by the time she was ready for bed, it was 8p. I wanted to start reading Treasure Island tonight, but after getting halfway through the first page, I closed the book. Neither of them were listening that well and I didn't have the patience to try and compete with their toys. I should have listened to D when she told me it was too late to start the book. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

So, with them in bed, I hit the sack myself. Not to sleep though, to read my book (Rising Tide). I've not been good about getting daily reading in and I really want to get onto The Historian. It's a fictional work that I've read good things about and, after reading the jacket, want to start it even more. I'm pretty sure I'll whip through that pretty quickly. Although I prefer reading non-fiction, when I do read fiction, the pages just fly by. I'm not sure whether it's due to me wanting to process the non-fiction information and relate it to the real world (especially Rising Tide and how the flooding following after Katrina might have been averted had a different decision been made 100+ years ago) or whether reading fiction is just easier. Regardless, every now and again I need a vacation and a good story provides that escape.

I quickly grew tired of reading and was under the covers by 930p and soon out like a light.

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