Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 323 - 01/09/2008

I hit the gym again today and am still working out with the TRX suspension strap. While I enjoy working out with it, I need to learn to breath better as my head feels like it's going to pop at times.

N and I went for a run tonight (up to the corner and back). He seems to be excited about the prospect of doing track this spring (vs. baseball). If only M would share his enthusiasm. She ended up staying home after throwing a fit because D and I told her to do something.

It's amazing the difference in their personalities and how they react when asked to do something. M acts like she's been asked to clean up the world, whereas N does it and moves on (although sometimes he can be as difficult as M can, those times are few and far between). Based on this, I've become more of a "nature vs. nurture" believer. Sure, we can help the kids do their best and try to steer them down the right path in life, making the right choices (or, when they make a bad choice, help them recognize that and learn to correct it), but in the end, they are who they are.

I can recall a conversation I had with a colleague of mine once. We were talking about our childhoods and all the things we did that would have gotten us into trouble had we been caught. At some point in the conversation, I told him that even while I was doing those things, I knew deep down inside that I was a good egg and, at some point in time, those good intentions would take over. He sat there listening to me ramble on and when I was done he just nodded his head and agreed: he felt the same way.

But what caused the changes? Was our environment? Our drive to succeed? What was it that caused me to go from a troubled kid to a successful member of society? And who's to say I'm a success? What is the yardstick for success? Is it owning a home? Having a steady job? Going on vacation once a year? Who made these measurements up and why were positive things used?

I really don't know.

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