Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 329 - 01/15/2008

I started my second round of guitar lessons tonight, this time with David, a friend of mine and the husband of one of D's bunco players.

When I told him last June that I had started taking guitar lessons, he was excited for me, but also chastised me (light-heartedly) for not having him teach me. I responded that I'd consider that in the future, but right now, I wanted a more formal instruction program in hopes of setting down a solid foundation. He seemed alright with the response and if he wasn't, I couldn't tell.

Anyway, when I told him I had stopped taking lessons at bowling last month and that I wanted to get together with him and play around, he was again enthusiastic over the prospect. Fast forward to this month's bowling night and we set up a session for tonight.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I headed down to the basement, guitar, notebook and six pack in hand. There were two stools set up and his guitar was on the table. He followed me down with a bottle opener and, after toasting the future of playing together, he asked to see me play.

I played with a pick first ("Bare Necessities") and then strummed "Sloop John B" (sans pick). Like Gary was at the music shop, David was also impressed with my penchant for using the right fingers for the right strings/frets. I guess all the years of picking paid off.

We talked music theory a bit before getting down to business. He went over some exercises he wants me to do over the next couple of weeks in order to increase my muscle memory, as well as some strumming techniques. While it's only been one session, I feel this is the beginning of something good. David seems excited about the prospect of teaching someone and indicated this will be good for him as well as it'll give him the push to play more often.

Hopefully it will be successful. If anything, I'm glad I'm continuing on with my learning how to play. Do I wish I had taken lessons all those years ago? Sure, but I don't regret not taking them then. My only regret would be if I never took them.

It's never too late to learn something new...until it's too late to learn anything at all.

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