Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 338 - 01/24/2008

M had art tonight (vs. Monday due to the MLK holiday) so I picked her up on the way home from the gym. She really seems to be enjoying it, although we never really thought she wouldn't seeing as she loves drawing. Tonight they did shading with black and white. They'll start working on shading with color next week. The instructor mentioned that M is doing very well and she's quite impressed with her skill set. Apparently M's school provides a lot more art instruction than the local public school does. I guess that's one benefit of sending her to parochial school.

I had to hurry out the door to the gym and tossed on my fleece. It was a little tight for me, but I figured it was just because D had washed it recently. When I took it off later on, I checked out the label to see what the care instructions were. I looked at the size tag after seeing the recommended washing/drying instructions indicate nothing out of the ordinary. I was shocked when it read: Y 14/16! WTF? I could've sworn I bought an adult medium.

Going off on a tangent, have you noticed how clothes are getting larger while the tags are getting smaller? I don't mean the physical properties of the tag, but the article itself. I have a few shirts in my closet that are Large, yet they're billowing on me. Five years ago, these would be labeled XL, but now they're L. I guess it's just another sign that we as a society are getting fatter. Hey, why not call a spade a spade and label the shirt XXL vs.XL. Or would that hurt their fragile self-esteem?

Anyway, I finally figured out what happened to the fleece: When Doug and Nancy were up a few weeks back, Micheal took my fleece and I took his. Case closed. Now I just need to swap them before his (mine) gets shipped off to St. Vincent's.

We dropped the car off...again. This time it's should be fixed for good. As I said the other day, the wheel bearing needs to be replaced. It shouldn't take that long, but with the satellite guy coming tomorrow morning, we went ahead and dropped it off tonight and will pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

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