Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 339 - 01/25/2008

I worked from home today to be around the house when the satellite guy showed up. We're switching our box in the family room for a HD receiver/DVR, which requires a different dish up on the roof. I'm also having him run an outlet to the office so I can Tivo shows in there without having to worry about whether the kids will stumble upon them (e.g., The Sopranos). Everything went fine until I set up the box in the office. For some reason, the second tuner's no longer working. I'm going to have to call DirecTV and have them ship out a replacement. Oh well, I guess we'll be down to two Tivo boxes and two DVRs.

After he left, I put the office back together and continued working on the migration. I made great headway this morning and am looking to (one day) have this tar baby behind me. While the migration was running, I started adding new features to Melon. Two of the features were suggested by a user (allowing the font to be changed on the lists and support for 64 million colors vs. the 32 or so that are available via Delphi) and the third feature (linking files) I came up with on my own. There's a couple minor items I need to get working (e.g., drag and drop), but once that's done, Melon will be out the door and I'll start focusing on iTriTracker.

We went out and got the car before D picked up the kids from carpool. Hopefully it'll be good to go for the next year or so. Even though we've spent a big chunk of money over the past few months on car work, we're still ahead of the game vs. having to shell out a monthly payment. While I'd love to get a new car, I don't relish the monthly payments that come with them.

D and some of her friends went out to dinner and a movie tonight, as well as went to visit a friend who just had a baby, so the kids and I were left to fend for ourselves. This we much easier than I thought it would be since as soon as D left, the kids went down to the Craigs' house to play. I followed them shortly thereafter and we ended up ordering pizzas and eating over there. Burke, Ted and I hung out in the kitchen eating, drinking and shooting the breeze while the kids played in the basement.

We ended up leaving later than I had intended, but the kids were having fun and since it wasn't a school night, I wasn't too concerned. After putting them to bed, I did some more work on the migration and Melon and watched a couple of episodes of The Sopranos before hitting the sack around 1130p. Surprisingly enough, I didn't even watch any TV on the new receiver as I didn't want to bother the kids (especially after N's TV watching escapades the other night).

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